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Scarlett Cougar Debut Drinking

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Scarletts expanded thoughts in a novel?

It's TRUE!  Scarlett is nearly finished with her expanded thoughts and personal shares on Divorce, Releasing Douchebaggery, now Dating and Divine.  


Touched on in the big ideas from her pocketbooks that are quick meat and potatoes are an ideal way to try on a shift in thinking and get a laugh while emerging from one of the most frustrating experiences in life... 


This book is a little more personal in the share of her experience -  a look in the rearview mirror, with
the same snark and candor.  Understanding Douchbaggery, and putting its rightful place, (maybe even giving it gratitude for your liberation).  And finally embracing the Divine,  broader speak to new liberating perspectives of a path to consider as YOU create an “E-ticket ride” here on this big beautiful blue marble! 



Scarlett's Snark in Greeting Cards!

Another perfect way to cheer up a friend moving through divorce!  Scarlett's Snarky Cards are available in sets of 6 in her online shoppe, and in Boutiques and Salons.

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Balance with Masterbation
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Catch & Release Program

8 Upgrades to Emerge Divorce your Gorgeous Self

8 Upgrades to Emerge Divorce your Gorgeous Self is the second of Scarlett Cougar's pocketbooks - bite-sized ideas for you to finally put yourself first.  After all the years of taking care of The Everything, and you coming in last… Here and now is exactly the time you get to honor yourself and be selfish - Scarlett insists!

Scarlett's got another Sneak Peek


Scarlett's Sex Kitten Hosiery!

Scarlett’s Hosiery is not just jaw-dropping, she also mindfully packaged Sex Kitten Hosiery in opulent organza bags for lingerie storage and reuse! Finally... No more one-use nylon-knot wad in your drawer.

Four collections available in both Modern & Queen size, for all types of Kittens, Pumas & Cougars! 

To The Shoppe!

Yep, She is writing a book for Men too!

It's TRUE!  Right behind her novel for The Sisterhood, comes the book promises for men:  
"Why Wives don't mate in captivity and other Keys to the Kingdom."


Starting over is a new kind of life.  And let's face it... men hate self help books, (really everyone does).  It's like you said "Uncle" to life.  Not so, Sir.   Scarlett's here to tell you... it is so freaking refreshing for a man to ask for directions, AND take it on himself to navigate. 


Straight up sexiest thing ever!


Okay, that said... I still think you should be priviledged to some Keys to the Kindgom that will dramatically up your game with the ladies, and have a room full of admiration from your bros.  I Guarantee it. 

Shop Scarlett's Catalogue of all things Cougar

8 Curiosities of Women about Modern Online Dating

Eight Curiosities of Women about Modern Online Dating is the third of Scarlett Cougar's pocketbooks which flew into scribe as this is a truly hilarious venue in life!  It all started in the Studio; I found myself giggling with clients and girlfriends with often the disclaimer "I can't make this stuff up... it's stranger than fiction!"  AND they all insisted I write a book... so here we are. 

Ok, another Sneak Peak!


Scarlett's Cougar Juice Wine Kits

The gift of
Cougar Juice will bring a great laugh to
The Sisterhood!  

Making memories in transitional times are the stand-out events of our lives.

     Just Add Wine!

• Cougar Wine Label

• Cougar GreetingCard

• Copper Organza Wine Bag

• Chalkboard  Gift Bag

Fetish Wine Label
Kitten Wine Label
Kitten Wine Kit
Sassy Wine Label
Sassy Wine Kit
Midlife Crisis Wine Label
Midlife Crisis Wine Kit

8 Considerations for Men when Dating

Eight Considerations for Men with Dating are quick tools to sharpen your presentation and move above the pack.  Women these days are well preserved have done their personal work and are financial sound.  These tips will allow you to bring your A game ans stand apart from the rest. 

Ok, another Sneak Peak coming soon!

Coming Soon!
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