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If your head is here, go here

If your head is here, go here


Bat Rastard 

If you are asking this, watch this


Did Scarlett go though this too?

Did she go
though this too?

It's for my friend, and want to support her.


She is hurting,
I need to help!

If you have read Scarlett's profile, may quickly realize that it was Online dating that got her here.  In that, she primarily dated to collect data regarding the perspective of Men,  as well as have the experience as a woman.


She is a little cagey, so much of the data is acquired vicariously through some dates, but mostly her girlfriends and fans/followers.  That said, while this whole dating bonanza is riddled with juicy material for Scarlett to snark on.  Scarlett believes she is here to serve as part of the solution, not just exploiting the problem.  


After all, if she is going to gratuitously complain about messiness, she is somewhat obligated to clean it up best she can... Right?  That's the adult and responsible thing to do.  


So here it is... I promise to support Men, in other words, give you the guides to elevate your approach. Honestly, near as I can tell - this would be like shooting fish in a barrel for many men - as the gender is just not doing The Work. 


I Start here with my free book. If you really want to know what women are thinking - I mean REALLY - you will try on the ones written for women. 


Because here it is.  We love men. Men that show up like Men.  Even a shadow of that term would be refreshing. That sounds jaded - but it is sadly true.    We as women have been overrunning the relationship, in the spirit of just getting things taken care of, and men are resentful.  Or at least that's the popular opinion.  Don't kill the messenger.


So try it on.  And let me know how I can be of service. 



Smile Guarantee

Scarlett is not going to ask you to believe in fairytales. However, she will ask you to

hold a space for a miracle, as you are standing in front of one right now. 

If these books don’t garner a smile, you have my money back guarantee.


My Spiritual Intention

~ Support those experiencing an enormous life shift and remind them they are NOT alone.  

~ Acknowledge sharp topics with small doses of snark for a laugh, with the intention to shift perception to a peaceful shift in thinking.   

~ Deliver steady reminders, NOT to sit in the hurt or allow IN personal judgment of others

More outta Scarlett's Big Fat Mouth

It all started in the Studio, my storytelling of dating and all the madness around divorce.  These experiences became so preposterous... they had to become hilarious in the spin of it all.  Like our beloved Carrie Fisher often said:


"If my life wasn't funny, then it would just be true, And that is unacceptable."


I found myself giggling with clients and girlfriends with often the disclaimer "I can't make this stuff up... it's stranger that fiction!"  AND they all insisted I write a book... so here we are. Scarlett Cougar is born... and boy, do I ever have some stories for you.  


To make it easy on everyone, I started with pocketbooks, quick, hilarious pragmatic, easy reads to instantly shift your mood or perspective - and start believing the truth... which is "The Universe is conspiring for your happiness."


Now, don't get me wrong... I'm gonna bring snark, my brand of vernacular, with the intention to make you laugh, get your attention  -  even if you stiffen with a little bit of shock.  It's just my way.  But I promise, the circle back is not a gimmick. It's really just a share of what I was privileged to learn through my spiritual center, and the many amazing books I've listened repeatedly to and the brilliance of thousands of real people over 22 years.  They are all saying the same thing, and on a cellular level, I know it to be true. 


I would be remiss not to share it with My Sisterhood, and the Brothers too. 

Scarlett's Snark in Greeting Cards!

Another perfect way to cheer up a friend moving through divorce!  Scarlett's Snarky Cards are available in sets of 6 in her online shoppe, and in Boutiques and Salons.

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Scarlett's Cougar Juice Wine Kits

The gift of
Cougar Juice will bring a great laugh to
The Sisterhood!  

Making memories in transitional times are the stand-out events of our lives.

     Just Add Wine!

• Cougar Wine Label

• Cougar GreetingCard

• Copper Organza Wine Bag

• Chalkboard  Gift Bag

Fetish Wine Label
Kitten Wine Label
Kitten Wine Kit
Sassy Wine Label
Sassy Wine Kit
Midlife Crisis Wine Label
Midlife Crisis Wine Kit

8 Considerations for Men when Dating

Eight Considerations for Men with Dating are quick tools to sharpen your presentation and move above the pack.  Women these days are well preserved have done their personal work and are financial sound.  These tips will allow you to bring your A game ans stand apart from the rest. 

Coming Soon!
Coming Soon!
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