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You are in the Right Place

Paralyzed Much?  

If you, (or someone you know), is at the onset of a Breakup or Divorce...

these might just be the right books to try on.  Paralyzed by anger, frustration, betrayal, or humiliation - some or all of it?  Yep, that’s totally normal. 


Getting back to Fearless

Oh, and the BIGGIE is questioning trust. Trust in relationships, friendships, your judgment or life as a whole.  In that, sometimes we stay in what we are sure of... our perception of the present horrible situation, and the attribution of blame. We can cycle through "The Story" for weeks, months - some remain trapped for years. 


Baby Steps to Liberation

When that stops working for you, and you are ready to shake that unworkability,  you might want to start with these baby steps.  Because here is your real truth; You deserve an amazing life, and it’s waiting for you.  This Divorce is a liberation, not a betrayal - that’s a Scarlett promise.  


Smile Guarantee

Scarlett is not going to ask you to believe in fairytales. However, she will ask you to

hold a space for a miracle, as you are standing in front of one right now. 

If these books don’t garner a smile, you have my money back guarantee.


My Spiritual Intention

~ Support those experiencing an enormous life shift and remind them they are NOT alone.  

~ Acknowledge sharp topics with small doses of snark for a laugh, with the intention to shift perception to a peaceful shift in thinking.   

~ Deliver steady reminders, NOT to sit in the hurt or allow IN personal judgment of others


Ready. Steady. GO!

•  8 Best Reactions to Shift Out of a Messy Divorce ~  Sneak Peak

An ideal place to start. Especially if you are really freaking upset, and definitely under no circumstances want any self-help bullshyt.  Here you will find The Sisterhood has your back, permission to finally exhale and a start to shedding the fear.  


•  8 Upgrades to Emerge Divorce Your Gorgeous Self ~  Sneak Peak

Scarlett's prescription for self-adoration, such as you likely had forgotten how when you were taking care of the Everything and The Everyone!


•  8 Curiosities of Women about Online Dating Sneak Peak

Honestly, this is a gratuitous book to amuse me and my girlfriends.  I was mortified when I started online dating, and I just thought I would take a swipe at the insanity - purely for chuckles.  Which brings us to my responsible contribution:


•  8  Secrets to an Effective Online Dating Profile  ~ Online Freebie!

These are great tips & tricks to make the best of this strange digital human engagement platform.  This I offer as a FREE download here.

Online Profile

8 Best Reactions to Shift Yourself Out of a Messy Divorce

8 Best Reactions to Shift Yourself Out of A Messy Divorce is the first of Scarlett Cougar's pocketbooks - bite-sized doses in the form of a provocative giggle. Calling out all the real sh*t in divorce, and offering a shift in thinking away from the fear and douchbaggery. Word.   

Try on a Sneak Peek!

OR at Amazon Print & Kindle
Best Reactions

More outta Scarlett's Big Fat Mouth

It all started in the Studio, my storytelling of dating and all the madness around divorce.  These experiences became so preposterous... they had to become hilarious in the spin of it all.  Like our beloved Carrie Fisher often said:


"If my life wasn't funny, then it would just be true, And that is unacceptable."


I found myself giggling with clients and girlfriends with often the disclaimer "I can't make this stuff up... it's stranger that fiction!"  AND they all insisted I write a book... so here we are. Scarlett Cougar is born... and boy, do I ever have some stories for you.  


To make it easy on everyone, I started with pocketbooks, quick, hilarious pragmatic, easy reads to instantly shift your mood or perspective - and start believing the truth... which is "The Universe is conspiring for your happiness."


Now, don't get me wrong... I'm gonna bring snark, my brand of vernacular, with the intention to make you laugh, get your attention  -  even if you stiffen with a little bit of shock.  It's just my way.  But I promise, the circle back is not a gimmick. It's really just a share of what I was privileged to learn through my spiritual center, and the many amazing books I've listened repeatedly to and the brilliance of thousands of real people over 22 years.  They are all saying the same thing, and on a cellular level, I know it to be true. 


I would be remiss not to share it with My Sisterhood, and the Brothers too. 

She Yammers... A lot.

Scarletts expanded thoughts in a novel?

It's TRUE!  Scarlett is nearly finished with her expanded thoughts and personal shares on Divorce, Releasing Douchebaggery, now Dating and Divine.  


Touched on in the big ideas from her pocketbooks that are quick meat and potatoes are an ideal way to try on a shift in thinking and get a laugh while emerging from one of the most frustrating experiences in life... 


This book is a little more personal in the share of her experience -  a look in the rearview mirror, with
the same snark and candor.  Understanding Douchbaggery, and putting its rightful place, (maybe even giving it gratitude for your liberation).  And finally embracing the Divine,  broader speak to new liberating perspectives of a path to consider as YOU create an “E-ticket ride” here on this big beautiful blue marble! 

Scarlett's Snark in Greeting Cards!

Another perfect way to cheer up a friend moving through divorce!  Scarlett's Snarky Cards are available in sets of 6 in her online shoppe, and in Boutiques and Salons.

Shrink Credentials
Cub Quote
Rock this Unicorn
Tinder - Low Hanging Fruit
Nurse with a Purse
50 Winks
Spandex, Fish & Motorcycles
Taking Back COUGAR
Balance with Masterbation
Shoe Collection
Cubs on the Side
4-24 2017 Card Ogres
Chewed my Arm Off
Namaste Tuesday
Shopping Loophole
Lawyer Up Dear
Catch & Release Program

8 Upgrades to Emerge Divorce your Gorgeous Self

8 Upgrades to Emerge Divorce your Gorgeous Self is the second of Scarlett Cougar's pocketbooks - bite-sized ideas for you to finally put yourself first.  After all the years of taking care of The Everything, and you coming in last… Here and now is exactly the time you get to honor yourself and be selfish - Scarlett insists!

Scarlett's got another Sneak Peek

OR at Amazon Print & Kindle

Scarlett's Sex Kitten Hosiery!

Scarlett’s Hosiery is not just jaw-dropping, she also mindfully packaged Sex Kitten Hosiery in opulent organza bags for lingerie storage and reuse! Finally... No more one-use nylon-knot wad in your drawer.

Four collections available in both Modern & Queen size, for all types of Kittens, Pumas & Cougars! 

Mistress Hosiery Back
Hello Lover - Modern Size
Sex Kitten Hosiery Front - Queen
Hello Lover Packaging
On Guard - Modern Size
Ms. Innocent - Queen Size
Burlesque - Queen Size
Who Me? - Queen Size
Her Highness - Modern Size
Rear Sparkle - Modern Size
Marquee - Queen Size
Mistress - Queen Size
Sex Kitten Hosiery Front - Modern
Poison Ivy - Queen Size
Henna Vine - Queen Size
Victoria - Queen Size
Hitched Ribbon - Modern Size
To The Shoppe!

Yep, She is writing a book for Men too!

It's TRUE!  Right behind her novel for The Sisterhood, comes the book promises for men:  
"Why Wives don't mate in captivity and other Keys to the Kingdom."


Starting over is a new kind of life.  And let's face it... men hate self help books, (really everyone does).  It's like you said "Uncle" to life.  Not so, Sir.   Scarlett's here to tell you... it is so freaking refreshing for a man to ask for directions, AND take it on himself to navigate. 


Straight up sexiest thing ever!


Okay, that said... I still think you should be priviledged to some Keys to the Kindgom that will dramatically up your game with the ladies, and have a room full of admiration from your bros.  I Guarantee it. 

Shop Scarlett's Catalogue of all things Cougar

8 Curiosities of Women about Modern Online Dating

Eight Curiosities of Women about Modern Online Dating is the third of Scarlett Cougar's pocketbooks which flew into scribe as this is a truly hilarious venue in life!  It all started in the Studio; I found myself giggling with clients and girlfriends with often the disclaimer "I can't make this stuff up... it's stranger than fiction!"  AND they all insisted I write a book... so here we are. 

Ok, another Sneak Peak!

OR at Amazon Print & Kindle

Scarlett's Cougar Juice Wine Kits

The gift of
Cougar Juice will bring a great laugh to
The Sisterhood!  

Making memories in transitional times are the stand-out events of our lives.

     Just Add Wine!

• Cougar Wine Label

• Cougar GreetingCard

• Copper Organza Wine Bag

• Chalkboard  Gift Bag

Fetish Wine Label
Kitten Wine Label
Kitten Wine Kit
Sassy Wine Label
Sassy Wine Kit
Midlife Crisis Wine Label
Midlife Crisis Wine Kit

8 Considerations for Men when Dating

Eight Considerations for Men with Dating are quick tools to sharpen your presentation and move above the pack.  Women these days are well preserved have done their personal work and are financial sound.  These tips will allow you to bring your A game ans stand apart from the rest. 

Ok, another Sneak Peak coming soon!

Coming Soon!
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