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Every Modern Day Cougar Deserves a Spa Day!

5. Facials, Botox & Fillers

~ An EXCERPT from: "Eight Upgrades to Emerge Divorce your Gorgeous Self "

Your skin is the largest organ of your body, and the one we neglect and UNTIL it starts so show signs of age. Then we want to invest in magical creams and instant cures to reverse the years of sun and fun. Typically, it just doesn’t work that way. The new retinols, and Vitamin C, make a small impact but nothing dramatic.

A daily routine of sunscreen SPF 30 should be your number one priority, as the sun where most aging comes from. Staying hydrated both internally and with face cream day and night, using good makeup will keep you glowing!

Professional Maintenance keeps the Cougar Gorgeous!

We gals, really see facials as a luxury, like massages. Scarlett started regular facials in her late 30’s, and very light doses of Botox and fillers. A little here and there and you will appear ageless. Do NOT go to a mall or use Groupon for this delicate service. Your Hair Designer may know a competent professional in your area. There is an ART to depositing these pharmaceuticals, and they can not be undone. This is your FACE!

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