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Stuffing the Box

6. Dudes Stuffing the Box

~ An EXCERPT from: "Eight Curiosities of Women about Modern Online Dating"

Besides the onslaught of Cubs, you need to prepare for the “quantity approach” in dating solicitations called Cut & Paste. For this very reason, it is a good idea to have at least one friend using the same dating platform and shopping in your demographic.

This way you can compare notes, and if he is blasting gobs of ladies with the same message, you can both have a chuckle and do the tandem retaliation, which is always fun over a bottle of wine.

He’ll think he has hit the jackpot with all the attention... is that mean?

Cubs are notorious for this approach. They are millennials after all, and a lifestyle of immediate gratification, entitlement and shortcuts are typical for them.

Do they think we are such dingbats? That we can not see this strategy?

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