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Quiet the Inside Chatter

Quiet the Inside Chatter...

~ An EXCERPT from Scarlett's pocketbook "8 Best Reactions to Shift Out of A Messy Divorce"

You would NEVER let someone talk to you the way you speak to yourself... and that is just FEAR. A new spiritual community might advise you to “Go easy on yourself”. You are on a precipice of an amazing life. Getting all old unworkable relationships out, and emerging your best YOU with a new perspective will stun you!

Inside chatter is the noise of misplaced concerns of what YOU

think everyone else is thinking, which is typically inaccurate.

Scarlett’s first purchased self-help book: It’s None of My Business What You Think of Me by Peter Baska. A fun and easy read, explaining that we often define and limit ourselves by acquired perceptions flip rogue observations of perhaps a first-grade teacher or random criticisms a family member. This mental crap is collected to our subconscious throughout our lives, and we mistakenly hold onto it and impose these limitations on ourselves.

Can you believe it is all that simple? And guess what - you get to dismiss that shit TODAY!

Only you get to define who YOU are, and how YOU show up. BAM!

From Scarlett's 1st pocketbook "8 Best Reactions to Shift Out of a Messy Divorce".

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