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Say No to the Millennial Count Chocula Brows!

7. Makeup & Brows

~ An EXCERPT from: "Eight Upgrades to Emerge Divorce your Gorgeous Self "

It’s time to review your makeup collection. If you cannot recall when you made the purchase, then into the garbage it goes. Especially mascara... so here is the thing; there lives tiny bacteria on our lashes and brows. Mascara is essentially dark wax, in a dark wet container. A perfect breeding ground for bacteria.

MAC Cosmetics got it right, when they formulated their mascara with rose water. When you can’t smell the rose, out it goes. Capeesh? Girl, don’t let $20 clams stand between you and your gorgeous eyes.

Brow Shaping and Micro-blading

For gals with sparse or no brow hair, the latest cosmetic augmentation is Micro- blading. It’s all the rage in tattooing eyebrows, such that it looks like hair - a sort of a feather effect. The truth of this service is that it is STILL a permanent tattoo, so be sure to find a technician, that truly is an Artist. Else you are may get the Sharpie rendered Count Chocula arch coveted by Millennial Emos. Further, it is difficult to unring that bell, in other words lighten a color, or change a shape. Just sayin...

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