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How to get a Bigger Presence on

4. A Bigger Presence Trick -OR- Top Spot

An EXCERPT from: "Eight Secrets to an Effective Online Dating Profile" and most of the dynamic dating engines are designed to cater to the users that interface with their account. By this I mean, update your profile or add photos. It doesn’t include logging in, chatting, reading mail messages or general shopping. New content will boost your presence in daily picks etc.

Top Spot Purchase

There is another solution if you don’t want to manage your profile.. and that is to purchase Top Spot. Generally, a package of 5 Top Spots is $20 clams. Then a silly protocol comes up, and you see pics of all the people you are supposedly put in front of. Does it happen? Who knows, we can only trust. Or, you can take a minute, and use put some energy into YOUR profile simply with an updated photo, and BAM! Watch the magic work.

Scarlett believes that has as must to do with mindful intention, as it does with the software algorithms, but that’s just how she is built. Try it on!

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