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A Shopping Loophole? The Law of Circulation

4. The Law of Circulation

~ EXCERPT from Scarlett's pocketbook "Eight Best Reactions to Shift Out of a Messy Divorce”

Scarlett suggests this a spiritual loophole for SHOPPING! But first, you must clean out ALL your closets and drawers. Fat pants, hideous leggings, and bacon-strip underwear are RUBBISH! Donate to those in need what you don’t.

The truth to this law is it is a way for us to support community, and make welcome new as there is so much coming your way, and you need the space. Your life is yours now, so keep what fits and consider reading Scarlett Cougar’s Pocketbook Eight Upgrades to Emerge Divorce your Gorgeous Self and reveal the fresh new YOU!

Bring sexy every day with Matching Bras & Panties, Kitten!

Everyone knows that if you get hit by a bus, the first thing they check is if your bra and panties match. Dontchaknow this is how the sexiest girl in the room shows up in just a t-shirt, jeans, and a big beautiful smile? Honor yourself every day, and your sexiness will exude through the simplest of outfits.

Try it on a couple of days, then try it off. Thereafter, in Scarlett we trust.

Share it forward, and GET an eBook FREE at

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