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Irsquove been using these great people the past year, they were referred to me by a coworker who has used them for many years They come every 2 weeks They are very reliable and the only time they canceled was 2 Thursdayrsquos : ago because of the ice Irsquove also had them move my regular appointment due keeganxqgv875320 shoutmyblog com 12838173 cat-urine-out-of-tile-grout , to my husband having big meetings when they are here and they have been totally accommodating I highly recommend them, they are licensed, bonded insured and send 4 people so they knock out my house in an hour Clean soft surfaces like rugs and drapes by first removing visible contamination like dirt, particles and smudges, then cleaning with appropriate cleaners and laundering with water on the warmest setting per manufacturer instructions Dry soft surfaces completely Then there's the liner rim What a genius concept My one complaint about my old simplehuman trash can was that it was hard to change out the liner You had to lift the bucket out of the can, fit the liner around it, then put the bucket back in, which could be clunky and sometimes gross That's no longer an issue with the sensor can They designed an outer lid that lifts up for easy access to the liner, then closes tightly back over the liner when you're done, fixing it snugly in place until you change it again There's no bucket to mess with, the liner never slips down into the can and the bag-changing process is extremely low-touch carpet cleaning at homeWe collected both DIY recipes and some ready-to-buy products from the wide world of natural carpet cleaning Many of these can be made with items you probably already have at home or that are worth purchasing if you don't keep them in stock if you don't already have white vinegar, shanegxma087531 blogdomago com 12897987 duct-and-vent-cleaning-near-me , investing in a bottle will open up a whole world of DIY natural cleaning solutions Jesse johnathanbujz108009 blazingblog com 11489081 the-organic-maids , was our technician Arrived on time and completed the job in a timely manner Due to cool, rainy day the carpets took about 6 hours to dry enough to walk on them upholstery took longer which was expected All items are quite clean and smell fresh By the next morning everything was dry and looks great including a wool rug that was cleaned Will use this company again Carpets make up just over half of the U S flooring market, according to the Carpet and Rug Institute, which means that there’s a good chance at least some of the rooms in your new home are carpeted And now that you know why it’s so important to clean them, here are your options for getting the job done carpet cleaning services stanley steemerFailed to find a Stanley Steemer location Please try again Another consideration is how long it may take for your carpet to dry after you have had a professional carpet cleaning We always advise our clients t


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