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It's Not a Shoe Problem, It's a Shoe Collection!

6. Your Personal Style

~ An EXCERPT from: "Eight Upgrades to Emerge Divorce your Gorgeous Self "

Your personal style should be something you revisit every season. Don’t just reload last seasons “old reliable” rotation back in. It’s time to be consistent with your new seasonal fashion additions and bring your beautiful everyday. You do not need to be a label whore or go into debt. People who are dripping with designer labels are defining that they have ZERO sense of style.

It’s always nice to have some nice things, but you can just as easily make a statement everyday by being creative with your shoes and accessories. (For example, Scarlett’s website offers Sex Kitten Hosiery and a stunning special selection of shoes!)

It’s not a Shoe Problem, it’s Shoe Collection!

Scarlett believes shoes and an array of accessories can create and recreate many outfits. She encourages girlfriends to give accessories as gifts, as they are warm reminders of friendship... even better if they are hand made crafts! Vintage stores are a great girlfriend excursions that usually yeild inexpensive vintage treats for your Personal Style collection.

The charm of vintage is always an adorable fashion statement!

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