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Winks vs Favorites on

5. Winks vs. Favorites

~ An EXCERPT from: "Eight Secrets to an Effective Online Dating Profile"

There is a limit to the number of WINKS you may send a day. (“Winks” might be equated to note-passing of elementary school, only more detached.)

Yes, you may experience an evening like this, when Mama’s had one too many glasses of Cougar Juice, (Chardonnay). Disarmed of the good sense to be discriminating, a lot of strange choices can get through. However, in that experiment, two valuable pieces of benchmarking data were determined:

1. Match only allows for 50 Winks to be sent in a day - then cuts you off.

2. The ROI (Return On Investment) of that was about 10% or 5 dates.

Here are a few other pointers you can not delete WINKS. They are attached to both profiles until you disable that account. Note: Only use FAVORITE, if you choose to back out, a simple delete will eliminate the connection. Guys have a different approach to broadcasting a wide net, which takes me to...

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