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The CUB Phenomenon... Oh, It's a REAL thing!

5. The Cub Phenomenon

~ An EXCERPT from: "Eight Curiosities of Women about Modern Online Dating"

It’s a thing and it will shock you. Not just in Online Dating, but out at nightclubs as well. Here are the typical age ranges men are shopping in:

• Men in the 50’s, (in denial of getting older), shop for women in their 40’s

• Guy’s in the 40’s, (in their Peri-Midlife Crisis), shop for women in their 30’s

• Boys in the 30’s are tangled up with husband hunting gals in their 30’s

• AND the 20-year-old Cubs are chasing we 50-year-old Cougars!

Honest and for true, if only the dudes in our age bracket knew! By the time we are finished getting our bell rung by the Cubs - the Fishermen, Cyclist, and Bikers will be in their 60’s scratching through what is left of the dating inventory - clutching their Viagra, Lipitor, and blood pressure pills. Was that too harsh?

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