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Preparing Your Online Dating Profile

3. Preparing Your Profile

~ EXCERPT from Scarlett's pocketbook "8 Secrets to an Effective Online Dating Profile”

My first profile looked like this. “I’m here for the first time because my daughter insists I try it”. Can you say “Kiss-of-Death”? Who wants to date that freaking nervous project?

Look, Scarlett doesn’t have a smoking gun algorithm. But she puts some ASS in Sass, and her profile shows it... reason being; a sense of humor is extremely important ... and she just leads with the real her, (and probably a little self-sabotage). But that’s her charm*.

That said here are the obvious important items across the board:

• Where you’ve been • Your Values • Faith or Spirituality

• What you are up to • Family • Travel

• What you are looking for • Bucket Lists • Your Community

• Work / Life Balance • Favorite Holiday • Your Charity

It’s Scarlett’s Opinion that there are two very important items, she checks strictly:

1) Books Read. For her, there has to be at least one self-help book see Rearview Mirror.

2) A sense of humor and zest for life!

*(If you want to read her manifesto... click the Heart on the About Me page.)

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