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Match and eHarmony etc

2. Match & eHarmony

~ EXCERPT from Scarlett's pocketbook "8 Curiosities of Women about Modern Online Dating”

These Apps are assumed to have more street cred as one must pay to register your profile, which assists the engine to find you... yes, matches. However, once Match has you enrolled, it encourages you ALSO purchase “Top Spot” which instantly propagates your profile in front of fifty others a spin. This in addition to the 6 Ogres a day you get to decline.

Then there is eHarmony, which is for the elite divorced. Scarlett opted in to give it a fair shake, and in hopes for fewer motorcyclists, cyclists and fishermen. Honestly, she rarely ever logged in. Interfacing with her selected daily suitors was even more inauthentic than Match. Imagine this, someone virtually waves and eHarmony offers several auto-filled responses to message back. After that, it was a shitty rabbit hole that leads to nowhere. Ideal for the skittish, that were more skittish than she.

Her bestie, Ruth has investigated free Apps like Zoosk, Plenty of Fish and others. It seems that these are for cheap-asses and the younger singles.

What is with all the Fish, Spandex and Motorcycles?

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