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Expand your Community!

7. Add a NEW Community or Class

An EXCERPT from: "Eight Best Reactions to Shift Out of a Messy Divorce"

Your real friends and family are priceless, but it is time to expand your community with fresh ideas and new trust. The shock of your reality may challenge your faith in humanity, and you will question your judgement. Try a spiritual center, church or yoga class.

As you emerge into a new headspace, these friends with fresh ideas will help you develop your new life story, complete with healthy boundaries and intentions. Living

forward brings bright perspective, and helps grow your life vision into a new place.

New folks inquire about what you are up to NOW, not your divorce.

~ Try this Super Power ~

Start your every morning with a birds-eye view:

Take 10 minutes to enjoy a cup of coffee or tea with just yourself,

grab a journal and write out a statement of gratitude

and maybe a kind intention or thought for yourself and a friend.

Living in gratitude will make EVERY day the Best Day Ever!

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