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What is with all the Fish, Spandex and Motorcycles?

What is with all the Fish, Spandex and Motorcycles?

* EXCERPT from Scarlett's pocketbook "8 Curiosities of Women about Modern Online Dating”

Is it just Scarlett, or is there an exceptional number of men in her demographic that are consummate Fishermen, Cyclist or Motorcycle enthusiasts? (Note to dudes; If you want to stand out, omit one or all of these hobbies in your dating photo profile.)

Note to male cyclist: Spandex shows the details of your circumcision.

Scarlett is not saying that this is a super bad thing. She’s just saying that it is something of an anomaly. It’s very likely that she and her tribe not be joining in any of these activities. However, there have got to be gals out there with these interested in spending the weekend on the back of a motorcycle, or cycling or fishing - and for them, it is going to be like shooting fish in a barrel.

Although, if it what I suspect... which is for we gals to spend our weekends waiting for you to get back from these excursions with the boys.... Well, you can expect we dames to revert our new policy:

It’s called the Catch & Release Program, Doll.

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