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Riding The Cotton Pony

3. Riding the Cotton Pony

* EXCERPT from Scarlett's pocketbook "8 Upgrades to Emerge Divorce Your Gorgeous Self”

So, Scarlett is going to give it to you straight - as it seems to be some national secret on what to expect and how to react to Menopause. We’ve a few stages to choose from

• Perio - the onset of Menopause which includes random periods and moodswings;

• Blindsided - getting all the random emotions of a period without one; and finally;

• Medicated - Mama’s got her Estrogen patch, everyone lives another day.

Menopause is different for everyone, every day.

Imagine this, you have several hormone factories, the Estrogen department shuts down, and all the other glands start producing random doses of hormones to compensate. This is an organic chemical nightmare... and there is no shot-over-the-bow to see it coming. Goddess bless Suzanne Somer’ for her book about this curse, I’m Too Young for This.

(Natural) Bio-identical Hormones OR Exercise + Vitamins ~VS~ Rx Hormones

For Scarlett, once it was determined she was not possessed by the devil, (if there was one), she tried everything to avoid the “cancer” Rx hormones. Scarlett found the “natural” solution to be a constant battle of reactive panic, like chasing and swatting at a moving target with coke-bottle lens on. A long life of random chemistry imbalanced insanity?

Thank you, NO. Scarlett chooses quality of life, over quantity with the CombiPatch.

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