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Block your Wasband on Fakebook

3. Block your Wasband on Fakebook

* EXCERPT from Scarlett's pocketbook "8 Best Reactions to Shift Out of A Messy Divorce"

You will likely be inclined to FaceSnoop. Let him post all the rhetorical blather of his rock ‘n roll adventure, such that only a messy Mid-life Crisis Douchebag can conjure. Trust this; many are making negative chatter about the behavior.

Facestalking in this virtual digital-life facade will have your brain get nervous, which engages your old Fearful-self and takes your heart to dark places. This is exactly what your emerging beautiful Spiritual-self is intent on liberating you of, the fear! That darkness keeps you IN it, and not moving THROUGH it. Block him NOW! Not tomorrow, not in an hour.

The truth is he did you the biggest favor anyone could have by forcing you to realize all the inauthentic garbage and an unworkable cadence of an old life.

As far are that madness goes... what you need to know, the Universe will put in front of you. One of Scarlett’s favorite pussy sayings goes like this: “Cats don’t like to be in bags.” No need to Agent 99 this thing to death. The Goddess has got this, and you just need to show up!

Scarlett says “Roger that!”

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