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Biggest Photo Concerns from Both sides

2. Biggest Photo Concerns from Both sides

* EXCERPT from Scarlett's pocketbook "8 Secrets to an Effective Online Dating Profile”

#1 General Complain from Both Men & Women

The biggest complaints I hear from both sides is that folks are not posting current photos up of themselves. This will never fly and is a huge waste of time for both parties. If one leads with duplicity... it is expected that person’s character will bend other values too.

The biggest complaints I hear from Men:

The most common concern is that women have way too many party photos with boobs and wine. (I know, I was shocked as the objection too!) Not that Scarlett shows up like that... but apparently, that is a concern which comes in second to the #1 complaint above

The biggest complaint from Women:

In the 40-60 demographic, about 75% of men’s profiles one of the three items showcased: Motorcycles, freshly caught Fish or and expanded collection of Cycling photos, (complete with spandex outfits). Which leads women to ask themselves, is this a required sport that I am also supposed to be into? AND, will there even be time to date on the weekends, if this is what he is up to? The other close second is photos with sunglasses and baseball caps - Negatory.

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