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Tending the Ladywood

1. Tending the Ladywood

* EXCERPT from Scarlett's pocketbook "8 Upgrades to Emerge Divorce Your Gorgeous Self”

So here it is if you haven’t already been tending your lady wood - this activity will definitely shift your, ahem tension, shall we say? There is a high likelihood that your sex life had come to a general halt, (sometimes for years). It is largely believed that when husbands shows up like another child to raise, wives don’t mate in captivity... but that is another book. That said, let’s cover the basics, shall we?

Since Rachel Griffiths outed us on the TV Series Six Feet Under with her hand-held shower head in the bath tub, Scarlett will go on record that this is the typical weapon of choice. Some prefer the standard issue “Rabbit”, a product of the 1980’s Pleasure Parties. Scarlett says, “I have tried the latest ball-bearing model... and I’m underwhelmed. Old reliable stands the test of time”, in her opinion.

ANYhoo - her point is this. tend the garden and find a balance that has workability. You do not want to get SO assimilated to self-tending to your lady parts that an actual human is not allowed a fair chance to ring your bell.

There IS a Real Man out there and he is ready to bring it, dig?

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