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The Five Second First Impression

* EXCERPT from Scarlett's pocketbook “8 Considerations for Men when Online Dating”

1. The 5-Second First Impression

You have about 5 seconds to make an impression for the gal date-shopping to delve into your profile, right? The objective is to try and share many sides of you in a two-dimensional engine, after all, a couple of well-done selfies hardly defines who you are, right? For that reason, it’s important to get a nice cross-section of activities, events, occasions, perhaps family and pets in your collection. Other than a baby photo or high school nostalgic shot, there likely should not be a snapshot over a year old on your profile.

Most Importantly: Date all of your photos with a month and a year.

AND it is a dating site sin to post a selfie in the bathroom mirror. Never, under any circumstance discount yourself or the viewer with this. I assure you, the only thing women are doing is enlarging the photo to check out the details of your bathroom AND comments are flying around in our heads are not worth repeating - and I don’t want to traumatize you.

Is that a photo of a former chick cropped out of it?

Another cardinal sin is posting photos with their former girlfriend or wife chopped out of it? This clearly states that they are still into that relationship, and are hoping that person cut from the photo will stumble upon it.

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