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Tinder and other Swipey Dating Apps

1. Tinder and other Swipey Dating Apps

* EXCERPT from Scarlett's pocketbook "8 Curiosities of Women about Modern Online Dating”

So, Tinder is a simple front-load application with a few photos and a quick bio to start. It’s a predictable online shop-dating, typically used for sexual hook-ups.

Tinder was Scarlett’s first interface with digital dating and the shoc

king realization that men in her demographic have let themselves go to hell in a hand basket.

Why is it that gals take such mindful care of themselves - at great expense,

and guys just purchase motorcycles, bicycles or apparently go fishing?

After dating a Cub for a year and a half and at the urging of her friends to date guys her age. Scarlett chose Tinder to try on a few coffee dates just to see how SHE shows up. It was from that experiment that she decided to write her first book. Tinder the Low-Hanging Fruit. So, consider yourself warned.

Her first five Tinder interfaces include: Motorcycle Cat Lover Guy,

The Closer, The Unicorn, Shoe Fetisher, and The Christian Grey Amateur Hour.

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