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C U Next Tuesday

1. C U Next Tuesday...

* EXCERPT from Scarlett's pocketbook "8 Best Reactions to Shift Out of A Messy Divorce"

Scarlett has decided to lead with a big topic, and that’s The Tuesday. The short version is that the above urban slang for the unsavoury of female personalities. A Tuesday does not operate within girl code of The Sisterhood or her own integrity, thus working towards becoming The Other Woman.

Scarlett’s double-negative: “You are either with The Sisterhood, or ya ain’t.”

If there is a Tuesday in the mess of your separation/divorce, know this: Your then-husband is solely responsible for his actions, and there is no deferring blame onto a Tuesday.

However, a knowing Tuesday is a desperate, lonely chick - typically in the panic of her internal noise and engaged in chase of the Cinderella Syndrome*. All at the expense of her values, WHICH sets rules for that relationship. A Mid-life Crisis Douchebag will exploit the addictive emotional high of “stolen moments”. It’s like a drug for the weak-minded, and the end-game looks like this: Ultimately, one will cheat on the other in the same manner.

The Universe will clean it up, and YOU will have long since blossomed!*

See more on The Cinderella Syndrome in Scarlett’s Novel “Divorce, Dating and the Divine”.

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