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You are in the Right Place

That is if YOU or someone You LOVE is in a shift of a lifetime such as a big breakup or taking on divorce... I'm so glad we found each other! This five trick pony has been to hell and back, and as it turns out -  hell is where the most stunning of humans emerge in this mortal coil! But I've got even better news.. reshaping a new perspective on your life, even in the interior of realizing moderate to extreme douchebaggery, turncoat opportunists and the introduction of ghastly online dating.  Still - even with all that the news is good!


How many lifetimes can you have in a lifetime? Many. Each contributing to the next, and if you shift your thinking ever so slightly, no one is going to be able to wipe that smile off your face! Ready to try something new on?


The way I see it is this... If you stay comfortable in your unworkability, (and we do because it is familiar) - well then, you are likely to attract back the very same old dance you just left behind. (Which I guess didn't work.)  Yep, it's never too late to live happily every after, blah blah blah - but it's true!  


Scarlett is here to offer a funny, yet pragmatic way of how you perceive life: "Changing your thinking, change your mind" - rather than just a few cheats to impress a date and snag a spouse. Lather, rinse repeat - no more!


Guys, your freebie is to the right.  It will give you a soft launch to get you in front of some lovely gals. However, if you REALLY want to know what are thinking, you'll have to buy my books, Ha! My novella for Guys: "Why Wives Don't Mate in Captivity and Other Keys to the Kingdom." Is currently at the proof-readers!

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What is Scarlett Up to?

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It all started in the Studio, my storytelling of dating and all the madness around divorce.  These experiences became so preposterous... they had to become hilarious in the spin of it all.  Like our beloved Carrie Fisher often said:


"If my life wasn't funny, then it would just be true, And that is unacceptable."


I found myself giggling with clients and girlfriends with often the disclaimer "I can't make this stuff up... it's stranger that fiction!"  AND they all insisted I write a book... so here we are. Scarlett Cougar is born... and boy, do I ever have some stories for you.  


To make it easy on everyone, I started with pocketbooks, quick, hilarious pragmatic, easy reads to instantly shift your mood or perspective - and start believing the truth... which is "The Universe is conspiring for your happiness."


Now, don't get me wrong... I'm gonna bring snark and my brand of vernacular too because it makes us laugh, even as we sit up in a little bit of shock.  It's just my way.  But I promise, the circle back is not a gimmick. It's really me offering you what I was privileged to learn through my spiritual center, and the many books if listened to and the brilliance of 1000s of real people over 22 years.  They are all saying the same thing, and on a cellular level, I know it to be true. 


I would be remiss not to share it with My Sisterhood, and the Brothers too. 

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Scarletts expanded thoughts in a novel?

It's true!  

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Expanded thoughts on these bigger ideas.The pocketbooks are an ideal way to try on a shift in thinking and get a laugh - meat and potatoes.  These books, while they maintain
the same snark and candor, speak a little bit broader to new liberating perspectives and a path to to consider as YOU create an “E-ticket ride” here on this big beautiful blue marble! 

What does Scarlett's Big Fat Mouth have to say? AKA her Blog

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