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Who is Scarlett Cougar?
A Spiritual Intention ~ To acknowledge The Sisterhood, be heard and assist in a life path shift, by speaking to it with raw candor, and offer ideal reactions, perspective, and hope. Your best thinking got you into this mess... let’s try something neutral on, share few laughs and get on with it! 
A Short Version   ~ This scribe started off the ramblings of a gal surviving emancipation from a co-dependent marriage,  through an even messier separation and expensive lengthy divorce. Whilst having to navigate her ego though all her biggest fears… seemingly by herself and resistant to changing her thinking. 
A Spiritual Twist  ~ She took on creating a new life as a single woman in her 50’s with a new spiritual shift in perspective about herself and this mortal coil.  
A Disclaimer ~ She’s no shrink, has no degree in human behavior, nor is a spiritual practitioner.  She IS thriving Hair Designer of 23 years, with a wand for beauty and a truth serum styling chair. 
An Observation ~ Having had 1000’s of intimate conversations over 23 years.  She was privileged to have been trusted by and to have learned from her fascinating and real clientele.

A Snarky Addendum ~ Scarlett’s pocketbooks are shorter versions of larger thoughts in her book  The Spiritual, yet Snarky Purrspective of Ms. Scarlett Cougar.  Most experiencing this transition feel alone and embarrassed.  She speaks frankly about the paralyzing fear realized in divorce and how to quickly disarm it.

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