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Scarlett's Story

Hello there!
I'm Scarlett Cougar, a survivor of the intricate dance known as a codependent marriage. By day, I'm an everyday superhero, and by night, I proudly brandish my membership card to the illustrious Kiss Army. Now, while some might mistake me for a juiced-up natural redhead with a Celtic flair, truth be told, I'm a mosaic of thoughts and experiences woven together by The Sisterhood.

I hail as the eldest child, nurtured in the Great White North, and later transplanted into the heart of Silicon Valley, California, just as it was blossoming into the tech mecca it is today. Picture your typical freckled-faced tomboy navigating the suburban landscape. Post-high school, I dabbled in the wild and vibrant era of the 80s, experimenting with hairstyles that could rival works of art. Yet, my journey led me back to academia, first as a Graphic Designer and later as a proud Cosmetologist.

For 22 years, I had the honor of presiding over The Truth Serum Chair of Hairstyling. Within its confines, I engaged in thousands of genuine conversations—each story, confession, and revelation safely tucked away in the vault of experience. n the tapestry of my adult-ish 30 years, I found myself navigating two codependent marriages, attracting relationships cut from the same problematic cloth, often resulting in what I affectionately term "douchbaggery."


Despite carving out a life more surreal than fiction, a momentous reckoning forced me to confront my deepest fear. This epiphany became the key to unlocking the meaning of life for me: Be Fearless, truly. Because, at the core, we are all someone's everyday superhero. Welcome to your moment.

With Love, Scarlett Cougar

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Greetings! Within these words lies the spirited journey of Scarlett Cougar—a woman unshackling herself from the confines of a co-dependent marriage, navigating the tumultuous seas of separation, and weathering the storms of an arduous divorce. In the throes of this challenging evolution, she found herself grappling with her deepest fears, a lone traveler reluctant to reshape her mindset.

Charting a New Course

But Scarlett Cougar is no mere victim of circumstance. Instead, she embraced the opportunity to forge a new life as a single woman in her 50s, weaving a tapestry of spiritual insight and self-discovery. She doesn't boast credentials in psychology or spirituality; instead, she brings 23 years of experience as a thriving Hair Designer—a wielder of beauty and a dispenser of truth from the sanctuary of her styling chair.

Through the Looking Glass

Having engaged in thousands of intimate conversations over two decades, Scarlett learned from and shared insights with a diverse clientele. Now, she extends this wealth of experience to those navigating the labyrinth of life's transitions, particularly the challenging landscape of divorce.


Unlocking the Snarky Purrspective

Scarlett's pocketbooks are distilled wisdom, snapshots of her broader reflections encapsulated in "The Spiritual, yet Snarky Purrspective of Ms. Scarlett Cougar." In the face of the isolation and embarrassment often accompanying major life changes, Scarlett tackles the paralyzing fear of divorce head-on, offering candid guidance on disarming it swiftly.

Join Scarlett Cougar as she weaves together candid reflections, humor, and a unique spiritual lens to offer not just a narrative but a guiding light for those on a similar journey. The aim is not just to share a story but to create a space where laughter mingles with wisdom, and where the echoes of Scarlett Cougar's resilience resonate with those seeking solace and transformation.

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